Monday, July 25, 2016

Mobility Aids - For Your Comfort

Mobility Aids aid the disabled to move around with ease. The wide range of disabled mobility aids will make your loved one feel comfortable and will never let them be a discouraging proportion anymore. The sheer range of Independent Living Technologies brings life into numb limbs and enables easy movement for the disabled. The mobility aids which range from walking canes to transport chairs and scooters can do wonders by helping them maintain their independent state of living.

The variety of mobility aids includes Canes and Accessories, Transport Chairs, Walkers and Accessories and Wheel Chairs. To be specific, the products have been designed and molded to fit and match the needs of the people and the trends of today's world. Walking Canes are the first and best companions for people with walking disability. The canes are designed in such a way that they support and handle the weight of the body and enable the person to anchor himself firmly on the floor while walking.

The new elegant and perfect walking canes meet all the expectations of people with mobility problems. The contoured griped 4 point based walking canes with handle are strong and stable to provide non-slippery support. The new folding cane and seat will be convenient for taking short rests between long walks. The sleek aluminum stick with non-slip rubber tips ensures safety. We have designed with perfection the crutches which provide two-handed support apart from canes which provide single-handed hold.

Transport chairs and wheel chairs are commonly used mobility aids which help in transportation of the disabled. The easy to maintain and durable wheel chairs come with padded arm rest and precision bearings. The push to lock wheels feature urethane tires which provide good safety when traveling. Also the transport chairs are maintenance-free, light weight with chip-proof finish. The aluminum transport chair is very compact and can be back folded for easy storage.

The mobility aid walkers and accessories come handy for all those who can walk or move slowly in spite of their disorders. Why should people be confined to corners or glued to wheel chairs when they can move with the help of practical and easy-to-use mobility aids? So say 'no' to wheel chairs or un-peopled corners. The walkers can give life to yours or your loved ones' legs and give them instant mobility. The affordable and suitable accessories suit every need of the disabled person making movement easier and effortless.

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